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Zenjmedia has over 20 years of experience supporting our clients and partnering with them on their events technology needs. We specialize in Audio Visual virtual events productions, live streaming, audio visual installation for Zoom, Teams or WebEx rooms. We travel all over U.S. to deliver our service and continuous support.

Zenjmedia started to deliver Audio Visual services since early 2000. We have started by assisting our clients to migrate from analog presentation formats with overhead and carousel slides to Power Point presentations. Even though we faced few challenges such as training users how to use new technologies, however, we worked very closely with our clients and made them shine in front of their audiences. Similarly, we now see the transition of our industry to virtual events which we continue to work with our clients to make them comfortable on delivering their messages on these platforms as well.

Zenjmedia continues to be one of the leaders on utilizing new technologies in our industry. We keep our self up to date with our industrial certifications to make sure we are using  latest technologies with high skills technicians to deliver our  event technology services. Our employees carry industrial certifications such as AVIXA – CTS, Cisco – CCNA, A+ PC support,  and others. We also have skills and tracked record on installing Zoom, Teams and WebEx video conference systems.

Zenjmedia volunteers regularly to our local communities. We also provide free service to our local non profit organizations to support their good causes. We continue to provide trainings to our youths to make them ready in these newer skills.

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